Is Aly going to live with you in NYC?

we will be living with each other for sure. can’t wait to be back! xxoo

Ps I'm fan girling cause you're following me 0.0
You are though! Lol long story short I knew about you for a while from Aly and social media this was when I was in 11tg grade I'm almost 21 now lol. But I started a new tumblr IG everything and man you have grown to be such a beautiful young woman it seems like you are doing you doing what you need in life to achieve life goals and for me that is inspirational. And girl your weight loss too. It's hard. :-/ I'm trying to lose weight and I saw you I was like damn this girl got her life down!

you are so damn cute! that means a lot a lot a lot to me! girl you can do it! it’s all about conscious decisions & going with your brain not gut!

would you ever get plastic surgery? if so, what?

hmm, probably on my knee but i don’t even know if that’s possible… i took off layers of skin last year & have this ugly scar… or ya know a boob job.


Narciso Rodriguez

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