happy birthday to me!
I love and adore my boyfriend but I hate the way he dresses. He has absolutely no sense of style and doesn't want to dress any differently. That may sound mean but I wish he'd let me spruce up his wardrobe a bit. I'm not trying to change him but it'd be nice if he didn't dress like a bum every single day. Help! lol

HAAAA i know exactly how you feel. i helped shape matthew’s wardrobe & we’re still working on it… honestly i had to be real with him & tell him that i don’t find xyz attractive for xyz reason. after that i got him to allow me to help him shop… now he has tons of clothes & shoes that i love. we do have to compromise sometimes but honesty is key. 

I'm trying to loose weight and nothing seems to help, now I just see myself getting fatter and I'm just getting sad because I feel ugly and gross but I see that you lost a lot of weight and I was wondering what did you do?

i am so sick of writing this but i went on a strict diet but mainly because i was having inflammation problems in my chest because of my diet. i cut out smoking & drinking. i ate raw fruits & vegetables but ate 1% greek fage yogurt for protein. if i was going out to eat i would always get a salad. i worked out at least 3-5 times a week by doing jillian michaels 30 day shred. i also walked as much as possible… & i had to stop thinking negatively about my body… thats one of the worst things you can do. xxoo

Like it matters but I'm giving you a follw because you inspire me. :)

aw that’s really sweet! hi darlin! (i’m not inspiring tho… at least not yet) xxoo

What do you and Matthew usually do while you hang out?

be couch potatoes, go out to eat, bike, shop, & go to cvs. nothing too special. i like biking with him… he has gotten me into it. i now bike to & from work a lot. saves money! xxoo